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Pest infestations like Fleas and ticks infestation is a situation you definitely do not want to deal with. They not only cause discomfort for pets but can also transmit diseases that pose risks to animals and humans.

Another scary thing about these annoying creatures is it can be very challenging to eradicate them. However, with the help of professional and licensed pest exterminators, you can say goodbye to these pests. If you are in Edmond, Oklahoma, Avenge Pest Control provides the best affordable and effective pest control services.


Why Choose Avenge Pest Control?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for pest control services:

We Know the Different Species of Pests in Edmond, Oklahoma

Avenge Pest Control has been serving Oklahoma since 2013. Thus, our professional exterminators understand Edmond, the different species of pests, and the best way to exterminate them.

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Our clients and Pet Safety is our Priority

At Avenge Pest Control, the safety of our clients and their loved ones including pets, is our top priority. Our team understands the diseases that pests can transmit, not just to pests but also to humans. They also understand how crucial it is to eradicate these pests swiftly. Because of this, we ensure we offer swift, safe, and effective pests treatments.

Additionally, to protect your pets from pests like fleas and ticks (which often attack them), we educate our clients on signs to identify their presence. The following tips will help you identify the presence of these pests on time:

Flea dirt or droppings: These look like small dark specks, and you can often see them on pet's bedding, coats, furniture, or areas where they often spend time.

Excessive scratching: Pets bitten by fleas or ticks may start showing increased scratching or licking behavior.

Skin Irritation: Bites from fleas or ticks can result in skin irritation or redness on your pet's skin.

Tick attachment: Seeing a tick that looks like a small, dark-colored growth or bump on your pet's skin is a sign of tick infestation.

safety pets

Additionally, to protect your pets from future infestation, here are some preventive tips we share:

Wash your pet's blankets, linens, or bedding regularly in hot water to get rid of any ticks or fleas hiding there.

Vacuum rugs, furniture, and carpets regularly to get rid of ticks, flea eggs, and larvae. While cleaning, pay special attention to the areas where your pets spend more time sleeping or resting.

Maintain clean outdoor spaces by cutting back on bushes and shrubs, mowing the lawn regularly, and removing waste that could harbor fleas and ticks.

Keep your pet away from places where these pests are common, such as wooded or grassy areas.

Inspect your pets thoroughly after walks or outdoor playtime.

Get your pets groomed in the spring and summer if they have long hair. This Prevents the pests from latching onto them. Also, doing this makes it easy for you to spot the pests when they do.


Get rid of bugs and other pests fast with residential and commercial extermination services from Avenge Pest Control.

Our Multi-Step Process

Another reason to choose us is how we take the necessary steps to save you and your pets from pests.
Our team carries out the following multi-step process to identify and safely exterminate pests:




If you see signs of pest infestation, Call Avenge Pest Control at 405-693-2233. We will ask you a few questions over the phone to better understand your situation and then send a technician for a thorough inspection.

The technician will also ask questions to ascertain how the pest entered your house and provide tips for preventing future infestations.



After assessing the severity of the infestation, the technician will be able to suggest steps for treatment. In addition, they will provide you with an upfront pricing which goes up with the number of infested areas.

For treatments, our technicians know the right technique to eradicate any pest. For instance, applying a safe, professional topical spray to all affected areas can often eradicate bed bugs. Two more follow-up treatments are scheduled every two weeks as a precaution.

Furthermore, severe bed bug infestation may need specialized heat treatment, which we have the equipment for. This heat treatment involves exposing bed bugs and their eggs to 118° F for 90 minutes, and they do not survive this.




Our follow-up process after initial treatment ensures permanent pest removal. Our technicians re-inspect those affected areas and ask questions to determine if there are new infestations.

We also Provide Services to Businesses

At Avenge Pest Control, we provide the most affordable and effective pest control services not just in residential areas. We also offer these services in business settings, including:




Professional offices

Places of worship

Grocery stores

Convenience stores

What Pest Treatment Do We Provide?

At Avenge Pest Control, we provide the best Pet-safe flea and tick treatments in Edmond, Oklahoma.  We can also offer treatments for other pests you can find in Edmond, such as:




Crickets / Grasshoppers



Bees, Wasps, Hornets


Bed Bugs


Choose our Ongoing Treatment Plan for Maximum Effectiveness

In Edmond, Oklahoma, there are seasons that are favorable to pest activities. For instance, the warmer months—spring through fall—are when the flea and tick activity often peak since those are the perfect weather for reproduction and growth. However, these pests can remain active throughout the year in a mild climate or indoor conditions.

Because of this, we provide high-quality pest control treatments all year round through our ongoing treatment plan. So, instead of choosing the one-time treatment plan, it is best to opt for the ongoing treatment plan. It is the most effective to keep you and your pest safe from any pest all year round.

Contact us now and Send those Unwelcome Hitchhikers Packing!

If you are in Edmond, Oklahoma, and need urgent pest control Services, contact Avenge Pest Control now. We have the knowledge and tools to eradicate these pests swiftly and keep them under control. At Avenge Pest Control, we also offer affordable services to our clients without sacrificing quality.

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