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Pests are among the worst invaders you can have in your house. An infestation of pests such as bed bugs can be bothersome and keep you awake at night. If they remain for an extended period, they can cause harm to your health. Therefore, getting rid of them as soon as possible is very vital.

Sadly, getting rid of bed bugs and other pests can be very difficult. What you need is help from a professional pest control company. If you stay in Oklahoma City, Avenge Pest Control can help.


Why Choose Avenge Pest Control?

Since 2004, the owner of Avenge Pest Control, Chris Coon, has held a license as a pest control technician. Thus, we have enough experience and knowledge to identify and eradicate any pest.

Avenge Pest Control is family-owned and operated. We are rooted in family values, and our approach is not just professional. It is also personal. We see the people we serve as an extension of our family and believe they deserve comfortable, safe, and pest-free space. If you hire us, you will receive the best affordable, reliable, and effective pest extermination service in Oklahoma City.

Another reason to choose us is our dedication to imparting knowledge. Our service does not end with the extermination of pests. We also share information on how to recognize pests, their hiding places, behavior, habits, and diets, as well as how to prevent future infestations.

For instance, bed bugs are one of the pests some people cannot identify. Also, some have no knowledge of their hiding spots, behavior, food sources, and food sources, and ways to keep them out of their houses. But when you choose Avenge Pest Control you get to know these and more about bed bugs and other pests:

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What Adult and Young Bed Bugs with Their Eggs Look Like

Generally, the length of adult bed bugs is between 5 and 7mm or 3/16 and ¼ inch (about the size of an apple seed). If not fed, adult bed bugs are brown and long, with their body having a flat and oval shape. But If fed recently, they become more elongated, balloon-like, and reddish-brown.

Young bed bugs, also known as nymphs, are typically smaller, translucent, or have a whitish-yellow color. Nymphs can be almost invisible to the naked eye if not fed recently because of their size and color.

Bed bug eggs are typically tiny—around the size of a pinhead and pearl-white. They are marked by an eyespot, if older than five days.



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Signs of Bed Bug Infestations

Bites on the skin are not a reliable sign of a bed bug infestation. Bites from bed bugs can look like other insect bites (like those from mosquitoes or chiggers), hives, and rashes (like eczema or fungal infections). Some people never react at all to bed bug bites. To identify a possible bed bug infestation more accurately, one can look for signs such as:

A musty odor: A musty smell in your bedroom, especially on your bed, is a sign of bed bugs.

Dark and rusty-colored spots on your sheets: The presence of dark, rust-colored spots on your sheets (around this size: •) is likely the result of bed bug excrement. This is an indication that bed bugs are in your bed beside you.

Seeing bed bug eggs/egg shells: Seeing the eggs and eggshells that are tiny (approximately 1mm) and pale yellow skins that young ones shed as they get bigger is a sign of a bed bug infestation.

Seeing live bed bugs: Seeing a live one confirms bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Behavior, Diet and Habits

The sole food source for bed bugs is blood, which can come from animals or humans. Although they can feed at any time of day, bed bugs are most active at night. This is because people are much easier prey when asleep for extended periods in one place.

Bed bugs use the carbon dioxide people and animals produce when they breathe to find their food source. So, if you find bed bugs in your bed and decide to sleep on your couch, your breathing (carbon dioxide) will help them to find you again.

Places Bed Bugs Hide

Bed bugs hide near their food source (the sleeping person) at the beginning of infestation. They often hide beneath the mattress and the bedspring. But as the infestation grows, they can spread and hide in another part of the bedroom. From here, they can move to another room.

Bed bugs like dark areas. Therefore, typical places you can see them include behind electrical wall plates, bed frames, and picture frames, beneath couch cushions, and trim around windows, floors, and doors.

What Pests Control Services Do We Offer ?

At Avenge Pest control we can offer Bed bug eradication services Oklahoma City. We can also help you control other pests you can find in Oklahoma City such as:



Fleas and Ticks


Crickets / Grasshoppers


Bees, Wasps, Hornets



How to Prevent Bed bug infestation

As mentioned earlier, our service does not end with extermination. It also extends to sharing information on how to prevent future infestations. Here are some tips to avoid bed bug infestation:

Be cautious with second-hand items, as they may harbor bed bugs, so thoroughly inspect and clean them before bringing them into your home.

Clean up clutter to reduce bed bugs' hiding places

Inspect your luggage thoroughly after a trip

Seal all cracks and crevices. Also, seal any openings where wires or pipes enter the house.

Ensure regular washing and heat-drying of your blankets, bedspreads, bed linens, and any floor-touching clothing.

Does Avenge Pest Control Cater to Businesses?

While we provide residential services, we also offer commercial services for establishments such as professional offices, eateries, hotels, hospitals, grocery stores, convenience stores, and even places of worship.

...then maybe it's time to call Avenge Pest Control.

Which Avenge Pest Control Treatment Plan is Right For You?

We do offer a one-time treatment plan. But our ongoing treatment plan is the most effective to keep your home or business safe from pests all year round.

Our ongoing treatment plans range from monthly to bi-monthly and quarterly. The difference between each plan depends on a number of factors that we analyze and discuss with you in our initial conversation.

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