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Seeing a scorpion in your home can be very frightening, especially if you have children or pets. Avenge Pest Control can help you restore peace of mind by eliminating scorpions fast and keep them from coming back.

Whether you live in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore or Norman, our professional technicians will locate the source of scorpions in your home and get rid of them fast.


There are three to five different scorpion species in Oklahoma . The most commonly seen is the Striped Bark scorpion. This species averages around 2 inches in length and is identified by its pale yellow color and two dark stripes on its body.

The Striped Bark scorpion can live in trees but is most often found in small cracks and crevices, under vegetation, rocks or wood piles and under old structures.

Scorpions are usually only aggressive towards prey but their stings can be painful. People with impaired immune systems or allergies to other stinging insects can have serious health problems with scorpion stings. That's why scorpion control should be handled by trained professionals.

Scorpions are nocturnal so they can be difficult to find during the day. The professionals at Avenge Pest Control are trained to find where they are hiding and get rid of them.

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Scorpions can be difficult to control with insecticide alone so it is important to take
preventative steps to keep them out of your home. These include:

Eliminate wood piles. Do not bring wood into the house unless it is placed directly on a fire.

Move mulch 6 inches away from the house.

Keep grass closely mowed and prune bushes and trees away from the house.

Move compost piles away from the home.

Install weather stripping around loose fitting doors and windows.

Plug weep holes in brick veneer.

Caulk around roof eaves, pipes and vents.

Keep window screens in good repair.

When it comes to scorpions, you want trained professionals who know to rid your home and property of these pests. Call Avenge Pest Control today for expert scorpion control services in the Oklahoma City Metro area. 405-693-2233


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