Providing Safe, Affordable, Reliable, Professional Pest Control Services to Families and Businesses in the Oklahoma City Metro area.


Providing Safe, Affordable, Reliable, Professional Pest Control Services to Families and Businesses in the Stillwater, OK area.

Welcome to Avenge Pest Control in Stillwater, OK, your go-to choice for affordable and reliable pest control services in the area.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing top-notch pest management solutions for both residential and commercial clients.

While we are based in Edmond, our technicians are frequently in Stillwater and Perkins, providing quality pest treatments for your neighbors.



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Our goal is simple. Call us crazy, but we really like what we do. We just want to provide you with safe, affordable, reliable, professional pest control that actually gets rid of pests.

We earn your business every visit.

We work on mutual trust and respect. We know that if we deliver on our promises, you'll not only invite us back, you'll probably tell your friends and family about us.

If all this sounds like a better way to do business, we'd love to help you.



Get rid of bugs and other pests fast with residential and commercial extermination services from Avenge Pest Control.

What's the difference between single and
ongoing pest treatment plans?

Most of our clients want their homes to be pest free all year round.  Because Oklahoma experiences four seasons, different pests show up at different times of year, so our year round protection works best.  The difference between monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly service depends upon several factors which we evaluate and discuss with you during our inspection.

One-time treatments make sense for people
One-time treatments make sense for people who are planning to move and want to make sure that the presence of pests doesn't scare buyers away. It also makes sense for those who are in temporary living conditions. In some cases, it is also determined by the type of pest and how they respond to a single treatment.

What pests can we help you get rid of?







Crickets / Grasshoppers


Bees, Wasps, Hornets




Bed Bugs

and many other pests

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Save 50% off first treatment

When you sign up for a monthly or quarterly plan. We treat your yard, and inside/outside of home to keep you bug free year round.

What areas of Stillwater does Avenge Pest Control serve?

Our pest control technicians are happy to provide interior and exterior treatments to homes and businesses in the greater Stillwater, OK area, including Perkins, Coyle, Langston, Orlando and locations between Stillwater and Oklahoma City.

Does Avenge Pest Control provide services to businesses?

Absolutely. Here's a sample of some of the kind of businesses we can help most:

Professional Offices




Grocery stores

Convenience stores

Religious facilities

If you have been searching for a different kind of pest control company that won't bug you, give us a try. With our service guarantee, the only thing you have to lose is what you want: pests. Contact Avenge Pest Control today for termite and pest control in Stillwater, OK and Perkins, OK. 405-693-2233 Call or Text.

Why Choose Avenge

If you have been frustrated by having to wait 3 weeks for service...

If you have been angered by taking off work to meet the pest control service that didn't show up...

If you are tired of seeing your bill go up every time your exterminator sells itself to a national chain...

If you are upset that your exterminator sprayed your kids toys...

If you worry that you'll be pressured by door to door sales people..

...then maybe it's time to call Avenge Pest Control.

What areas of Oklahoma City does Avenge Pest Control serve?

Some of the areas you'll see us in most frequently include Edmond, Oklahoma City, Nichols Hills, The Village, NW OKC, Deer Creek, Yukon, Mustang and Piedmont. But don't be surprised if you find us in El Reno, Shawnee, Norman, Guthrie or any place in between those locations. Where ever you live in the metro area, you can count on us to treat your home and property with the utmost respect.

Our technicians start by listening to you and asking you to show them areas of concern.

The technician will provide you with a recommended treatment plan and upfront quote.

With your approval the technician will perform the first treatment, inform you what will happen at the next treatment and work with you to determine the best time for the next treatment.

In most cases, our scheduled treatment visits will keep your home pest free. When we say pest free, we mean it. That includes free call-backs between scheduled treatments.


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