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From squeak to silence-Our experts guarantee to turn your home
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Rats, Mice and more. Avenge Pest Control safely removes rodents and keeps them from coming back.

Avenge provides expert rodent control solutions in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore and Norman.

The Centers for Disease Control have found that rats and mice spread over 35 diseases worldwide.  Some are transmitted by direct contact and others indirectly from ticks, fleas and mites.

In addition to health risks, rodents can also cause damage to your home.  Fires have been caused by rodents chewing through electrical wiring. They can also leave holes in soffits, trim work and other areas of your home allowing other pests to easily enter.

Rats and mice are notorious for contaminating food.  And, if you have ever had a small rodent die in your home, you won't soon forget the powerful, nauseating smell they leave behind.

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how to know if you have a rodent problem

There are a few tell tale indicators rodents have moved into your home. Mice and rats tend to leave droppings along baseboards and behind furniture or in the pantry. Larger rodents are often heard scratching behind walls or ceilings in the morning when they are most active. Rodents reproduce quickly, so when you see evidence they exist, there are usually more than one or two. Seasonal Impact When given the opportunity, rodents will infest your home at anytime of year. However, when the weather turns cold, they look for somewhere to get warm. So it's not uncommon for many homeowners to notice mice and rats when temperatures drop below freezing.

Rodents will often find the smallest opening to get inside, like a crack under the garage door, a hole near the air conditioning tubing or even attic and dryer vents.


how to know if you have a rodent problem



Spring traps like the one above have been used for years as a means to kill mice and rats, and while they can be effective, they may not be the best choice for your situation.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • Because rodents can carry disease, if they are killed by spring trap in a living area, they can contaminate the area
  • Sometimes a rodent will drag the trap a distance before they die, and contaminate a larger area.  In some instances, like in an attic, they could drag the trap to an area that is inaccessible
  • Children and pets may be able to discover or access the dead rodent before you do
  • Because many rodents are nocturnal, some people fear hearing the trap snap in the quiet of the night
  • While traps may work for small rodents, they are a poor choice for large rats.
Why call Avenge Pest Control?
  • We will perform a complete inspection to identify the most likely entry points and hiding places for the rodents
  • We use safe and effective traps to catch the rodents and then provide them with a new home far away from yours
  • We have seen almost every kind of rodent in the Oklahoma City area and understand their behaviors, allowing us to quickly remove the infestation
  • We will take appropriate steps to keep rodents from coming back into your home or business

Contact Avenge Pest Control today for help in getting rid of mice, rats or other rodents quickly.  We are family owned and locally operated, serving businesses and homeowners in Moore, Norman, Edmond, Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.  Call or text us at 405-693-2233.


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