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Avenge Pest Control Offers the Best Pest Prevention Services in Moore, Oklahoma

Seeing pests like scorpions on your property, especially at home where you have little ones and pets, can be really uncomfortable. If you live in Moore, Oklahoma, and detest these annoying creatures and never want to see them around your property, you need Avenge Pest Control. We offer fast and effective residential and business extermination services to eradicate pests.


Why Avenge Pest Control?

Here are some reasons to trust us with pest control service:

Trained Professionals

Most nocturnal pests spend the day hiding and are most active at night. Therefore, it could be hard to find them during the day. However, we have trained professionals at Avenge Pest Control who are experts in finding their hiding places. They also know how to eradicate and keep them from coming back.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Our dedication to providing excellent customer service is second to none. We strive to give our clients a pest-free environment because we believe every homeowner in Moore, Oklahoma, deserves to live in one.

For this reason, we provide a satisfaction guarantee on all our services. Additionally, we always make improvements for clients who are not completely satisfied with our service until they are.

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Get rid of bugs and other pests fast with residential and commercial extermination services from Avenge Pest Control.

Affordable Pest Control In Moore, Oklahoma

We also offer affordable services to our clients without sacrificing quality. As a locally owned and operated company, we pass on savings to customers. To help you get rid of pests on your property, our team of experts will also work with you to create a customized pest control plan that suits your needs and budget.

Eco-friendly Pest Control Solution

At Avenge Pest Control, we eradicate pests from your residential and business space while being mindful of the environment. Our professionals only use the safest and most effective pest control solutions.


We Know Different Pest Species in Moore, Oklahoma and their Dangers

At Avenge pest Control, we know common pest species and dangers they pose. For instance, we know that Moore, Oklahoma, has 3-5 distinct scorpion species, with the Striped Bark scorpion being the most common.

It is two inches long, pale yellow, and has two dark stripes. Although it can live in trees, the most typical places to find the Striped Bark scorpion include small cracks, beneath old structures, vegetation, rocks, or wood piles.

Scorpion stings can be painful and cause serious health issues for individuals with impaired immune systems. Their stings can also cause severe health issues for those with allergies to other stinging insects. Because of this, it is advisable to allow trained professionals like us to handle scorpions and other pests.

We Know the Common Signs of Pest Infestation

As a client, once you call us, we will ask a few questions over the phone to better understand  your situation and know if there is a pest infestation. Once there are signs of pest infestation we will deploy our technician immediately for a thorough inspection. For instance, here are some signs of  pest infestation we look out for:

Spotting a pest: If you spot one pest, it implies that a family of them is likely to be hiding close by.

Seeing multiple minor bugs: Pests like scorpions go wherever they can find food. Minor bugs like flies, beetles, and cockroaches are their primary food source. They can follow these bugs for food, which, unfortunately, may lead them to your house.

Having Citrus plant: Bark scorpions, commonly found near citrus plants, thrive in dark, moist environments, making citrus trees a perfect hiding place for them. So, if your property has citrus trees, you may be unknowingly harboring a scorpion infestation.

Providing Shady refuge: some pests like scorpions hide in the shade during the summer to avoid the scorching sun. Therefore, they are likely to invade your compound if you have trees as they provide a lot of shade.

Being in a newly constructed development: As we extend our residential construction into the desert, we disrupt the scorpions' natural habitat. Rather than moving, they typically remain in the same spot, which may be inside your house.

What Pests Control Services Do We Offer ?

At Avenge Pest control we can offer rodent control solutions for homes in Moore Oklahoma. We can also help you control other pests you can find in Moore, Oklahoma such as:



Fleas and Ticks


Crickets / Grasshoppers


Bees, Wasps, Hornets


Bed Bugs

We Share Pest Preventive Tips

Our service does not end with pest extermination. We also share some pest preventive tips like the following to prevent future pest infestation in your home or work place:

Fixing pest entry points around windows and doors

Sealing your homes properly by filling any holes or cracks in the siding materials, vents, or foundation with the proper material

Eliminating or keeping firewood piles away from your property

Getting rid of yard debris

Tidying up your crawl space or basement

Does Avenge Pest Control Provide Services to Businesses?

Our team employs the latest equipment and techniques to guarantee that we give you efficient and reliable pest control services in not just residential areas. We also offer these services in business settings, including professional offices, eateries, hotels, hospitals, grocery stores, convenience stores, and even places of worship.

Our One-time Vs Ongoing Pest Treatment Plans

At Avenge Pest Control, we offer flexible treatment plans. You can select between our one-time and ongoing pest treatment plans. Our one-time plan may make sense to you if you are temporarily residing in Oklahoma and planning to move.

However, our ongoing treatment plans work best. It is the most effective if you want your home or business area to be pest-free all year round.

Contact Us to Get Rid of Pests from your property in Moore, Oklahoma

For pests control, you need trained professionals who know how to get rid of these invaders from your home and property. Do you need professional pest control services in Moore, Oklahoma? Contact Avenge Pest Control now. We sure offer the best pest control services that will leave your peace of mind unscathed and your home pest-free.

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