Are Pests Giving you Sleepless Nights?

Avenge Pest Control in Norman, Oklahoma can Help

An infestation of pests can be annoying. Imagine trying to have a good sleep after a long day at work, only to stay up all night fighting mosquitoes. Or you come back from a long trip with a guest and spiders already build their nests all over your compound.

Not only do these pests make you uncomfortable in your home. They can be dangerous or even deadly to humans because they are poisonous. Thus, the sooner you get rid of these invaders, the better.

But what is the swiftest and perfect way to eradicate pests from your home? You need to contact reliable pest removal experts. If you stay in Norman, Oklahoma, Avenge Pest Control is your perfect solution for pest extermination.


Why Choose Avenge Pest Control?

Avenge Pest Control has been in business since 2013. Thus, we offer experienced and knowledgeable professional pests control services.  At Avenge Pest Control, the safety and comfort of your family are always our top priority. So, when you hire us, you will have peace of mind knowing that your home and loved ones will be safe from poisonous and annoying invaders like spiders and other pests.

Another reason to choose us is that we are licensed. In addition, our goal is to help families remain bug-free by not just providing professional and safe control services. We are also known for offering swift, reliable, and affordable pest control services.

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Get rid of bugs and other pests fast with residential and commercial extermination services from Avenge Pest Control.

We know the Different Types of Pests in Norman, Oklahoma

Our professional exterminators know the different species of pests in Norman, Oklahoma, how to identify them, and where they like to hide.  For instance, the different types of spiders we control, and those you can find in Norman, Oklahoma, include the Brown Recluse, Black Widow, and Wolf Spider.

The Brown Recluse spider, also known as the Fiddleback (due to the violin-shaped coloring on its back), likes to hide in mostly undisturbed indoor areas. These undisturbed indoor areas include under furniture, behind bookshelves, rarely used cabinets, closets with a lot of stuff on the floor, and basements and attics.

The Black Widow spiders, on the other hand, have red hourglass markings on their black body, making them easily identifiable. Places you can often find this type of spider include garages, sheds, woodpiles, unused landscaping, and gardening materials.

Wolf Spiders are the type that are often intimidating due to their size and speed. They can grow up to 35 mm in body length and move swiftly to catch their prey. Some can change color, but most wolf spiders are brown. Places most Wolf spiders are seen include outdoors, burrowing in the ground, and indoors in garages, plants, basements, and around the windows.

Knowing this, we employ highly effective and safe techniques to stop them dead in their tracks and kill the eggs.


Here are some reasons to trust us with pest control service:

We also Provide Services to Businesses

Our team employs the latest equipment and techniques to guarantee that we give you efficient and reliable pest control services in not just residential areas. We also offer these services in business settings, including:

Professional offices




Grocery stores

Convenience stores

Places of worship

We Take the Best steps to Get Rid of Pests

At Avenge Pest Control, we take the following steps to get rid of pests from your home:

Our professional exterminators will conduct an internal and external inspection of your home to look for signs of any pest

Our technicians will also work with you to suggest measures to make your house as uninviting as possible to pests

Our technicians will apply the appropriate treatment inside your home to exterminate existing pests and deter others from entering your house.

Our well-trained technicians will also create a secured outside perimeter around your house for even more effectiveness.

Avenge Pest Control would be pleased to apply additional treatments at no additional cost if any pests appear between scheduled treatments.

We Share Tips on How to Keep Pests from Entering Your Home

We do not stop at exterminating pests, we also share preventative measures you can take to prevent pest infiltrations in the future. Some of these measures include:

Cleaning your home thoroughly and regularly .

Ensuring your home is insect-free since pests like spiders like to prey on insects.

Blocking cracks and crevices since some pests like to hide in these areas where predators will not see them.

Removing bulbs that produce white light as they attract flying insects. Installing Low-UV LED bulbs or Sodium Vapor lights will help lessen the spider prey around your house.

Empty garbage since they can attract flies, which pests like spiders prey on. To keep these pests away, remove waste immediately and ensure no waste remains in or near your house.

Laying sticky glue traps and adding screens to your doors and windows. Laying sticky glue traps helps to capture spiders. On the other hand, installing screens on your doors and windows will help keep flies (the spider's ideal prey) out.

What Pests Can We Help You Exterminate?

We are known as the best spider removal experts in Norman OK. We can also help you get rid of other pests you can find in Norman, Oklahoma such as:


Fleas and Ticks



Crickets / Grasshoppers



Bees, Wasps, Hornets


Bed Bugs

Utilize Avenge Ongoing Pest Treatment Plan!

Scheduled treatments on a regular basis will reinforce your exterior barrier and can help keep pests out of your home. So consider our ongoing pest control service plan instead of the one-time plan. It is the most effective if you want your home or business area to be pest-free all year round.

Are you in Norman and want to get rid of mosquitoes but not sure which company to pick because there are many year-round mosquito control companies in Norman Oklahoma? Utilize Avenge Ongoing Pest Treatment Plan for the best year-round mosquito and other pest treatment.

Contact Our Pest Control Experts

Are you in Norman, Oklahoma, and detest seeing pests in your home and want to get rid of them as soon as possible? Avenge Pest Control can help you achieve that. The professionals at Avenge Pest Control have the necessary tools and knowledge to swiftly eradicate pests and stop them from returning.

So, contact Avenge Pest Control today. Let us create a solid defense against those annoying pests!

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