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Termite Inspection and Treatment in Edmond and Oklahoma City

If you live in the Oklahoma City area, termites become very active as the weather turns warmer, typically in the months of March, April and May. Yet termites can cause home damage all year long.


Protect your home from costly termite damage

Call Avenge Pest Control for the most effective Termite Treatment in Edmond and Oklahoma City

Take action now to ensure your home is protected against termite damage which can lead to costly out of pocket repairs.  Most insurance policies don't cover termite damage.

The exterminators at Avenge Pest Control have been detecting and eliminating termites across the greater Oklahoma City area since 2004.   Avenge Pest Control uses the most advanced and effective termiticide products available.   While these products are designed to eliminate termites, they are completely safe for use around children and pets.

Get peace of mind with a free termite inspection.

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Avenge Pest Control serves the entire OKC Metro Area including Moore, Norman, Edmond, Deer Creek, NW OKC, Nichols Hills, The Village, Piedmont, and more.

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The good news:

Termites can be identified before damage occurs

Termites can be found all around the Oklahoma City metro area and they don't discriminate based on the value of your home.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that termites cause $5 billion in property damage annually with the average repair costing homeowners several thousand dollars.

Gain peace of mind with a termite inspection before closing.

It takes a subterranean termite colony about two years to grow to a size where it can begin to cause property damage.  Avenge Pest Control professionals have the skills to identify termite activity at many stages, and then recommend appropriate solutions.  If our inspection shows that your home is not currently at risk for termites, we'll tell you and recommend you ask us to repeat the inspection again the following year.

In some cases the termite activity may be isolated to areas around your home, and we offer suggestions on what you can do to minimize the risk to your home.

We work hard to earn your trust through quality service and transparent communication.  If a service isn't needed or won't help your situation, we'll let you know.

Get peace of mind with a free termite inspection.

Call us for a free termite inspection before closing.


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