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What You Need to Know

Imagine returning from a holiday to find your cushion ripped to shreds because of home-invading pests like rats. Pests are the most annoying creatures that can creep into your home, damage your properties and make you uncomfortable in your own home. Beyond property damage, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that pests can cause or spread serious, even deadly, diseases.

Therefore, an infestation requires swift intervention. But how will you know the best exterminator to handle this bothersome situation swiftly and effectively if you stay in Edmond? To help relieve you of the confusion when making this decision, we will provide tips on choosing the best exterminator in Edmond in this blog post. So read on.


Tips on How to Choose the Best Exterminator in Edmond

There are so many exterminators in Edmond. But to find the best one for your pest control needs can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice when choosing an exterminator:

#1 Check for the Right Licenses and Certificates

Some pest jobs call for different qualifications. Thus, ensure the exterminator you are considering is qualified to do the job. Before hiring an exterminator in Edmond, verify they have the correct license and certifications. You can give the state pesticide regulatory office a call to find out what licenses the exterminator you are considering possesses.

Some of the vital qualifications to check for include whether they employ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques and whether they are certified entomologists. One of the best ways to distinguish between an amateur and an expert exterminator is if they offer IPM services.

IPM is a comprehensive pest control strategy focusing on addressing the root cause of infestations rather than just treating the symptoms. IPM uses minimal toxic chemicals and can produce comprehensive, long-term outcomes, preventing pests from returning quickly.

On the other hand, if an exterminator has a certified entomologist certification, it indicates that they are current on all methods and professional guidelines. This is because the certificate needs regular renewal.

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#2 Check for Insurance

Before hiring an exterminator, you have to ask yourself these questions:

What happens if an unexpected mishap happens at my home while an exterminator is carrying out the pest removal treatment?

Will they bear the financial responsibility for any harm resulting from their work?

These questions will help you understand how crucial it is to make sure they are insured. Ensuring they have insurance implies they bear the financial responsibility for any harm resulting from their work.

Therefore, ascertain that the exterminator or the pest control company you are considering is insured authentically before using them. By doing this, you will have peace of mind knowing that even in the case of an unplanned accident, you are safe and protected.



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#3 Ensure they are Familiar with your Area

It is usually better to work with an exterminator familiar with the area and the ecology of pests there, just like you would with any service provider. An exterminator living in Edmond will have a deeper understanding of the pests you face in your area.

This makes it possible for them to offer more appropriate remedies for infestations. Choosing an exterminator who is familiar with Edmond will offer the most affordable, customized, and best solutions to your pest problem.

#4 Check their Reputation

In the current internet era, evaluating the reputation of an exterminator requires little effort. Visit websites like Google, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Homestars, and Yelp to see customer reviews. A high overall rating is often an indicator of a company's reliability and ability to meet customer needs. You can also search for reviews that mention the particular services you need.

In addition to reading honest reviews, you need to observe how the company handles positive and negative reviews. From this observation, you can tell that a company cares about all of its clients by responding to positive reviews and addressing the negative ones.

Alternatively, if looking through business websites and reviews does not help you reduce your selections, getting recommendations from friends and family can be very beneficial. Asking people you know who have successfully dealt with infestations will help you determine if the company they chose can address your issue.

Searching for the Best Exterminator in Edmond?

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